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.... T3SS: Elucidation of the complete assembly pathway of the T3SS needle complex at 2.5 Angstroem of resolution - “Structural control for the coordinated assembly into functional pathogenic type-3 secretion systems”. Fantastic work from Nikolaus, Vadim, and Matthias, including many others in the lab, who contributed to fully understand the assembly process for the first time at unprecedented high resolution|

In collaboration with the DiMaio (Seattle), Wagner (Tübingen), Lea (Oxford) Labs

PNAS (in press)

.... Human rhinovirus: Identification of an unexpected binding site for the antiviral drug OBR-5-340 determined by cryoEM. Great work from Jirka in the lab, who uncovered the site! In collaboration with Kirchmair (Bergen), Blaas (Vienna), Schmidtke (Jena) Labs


.... Technology: High-throughput screening for detergent-solubilized membrane proteins. Congratulations to Vadim in the lab!

In collaboration with Garcia-Ali (Hamburg)


.... T3SS: The type-3 secretion system needle filament is structurally polymorph.

In collaboration with the J. Galan (Yale) and A Loquet (Bordeaux) labs.

Nature Microbiology

.... Tuberculosis: Structure of the type VII secretion system from Mycobacteria elucidated for the first time.  The high flexibility of specific domains suggests an as yet unseen mode of substrate recognition. Congratulations to Luciano in the lab, who solved the structure of this highly challenging sample.

In collaboration with the Bittner/Houben (VU Amsterdam) and Wilmanns (EMBL Hamburg) labs.

Nature communications

....  T3SS: Complete dissection of the regulatory elements within one of the most complex systems known (T3SS) to date,  and application of basic conceptual principles and tools from synthetic biology to refactor and build a complete functional T3SS.

In collaboration with the Voigt lab (MIT/Boston).

PLoS Pathogens

.... T3SS: Biochemical, native mass spec and EM-characterization of the export apparatus of the T3SS.

In collaboration with the Robinson (Oxford), Galan (Yale) and Wagner (Tübingen) labs.

Nature methods

.... Technology: Novel methods paper for accurate atomic structure determination from density maps.

In collaboration with the Baker Lab (Seattle)

Annual Review in Microbiology

.... review “Bacterial type III secretion systems: specialized nanomachines for protein delivery into target cells”

Journal of Cell Biology

.... kinetochore paper in JCB.

In collaboration with the Westermann lab (Vienna)

Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

.... T3SS: type III secretion systems in action - in vitro and in situ - first demonstration and visualization of unfolded protein transport across membranes. Congratulations to Julia and Lisa in the lab for their heroic efforts!


....  accepting applications for several experts in:

       [molecular biology and/or protein biochemistry] or [electron microscopy] (PostDoc, PhD, M.sc, TA-level)